La salade Niçoise

Un incontournable de l'été : la salade niçoise. Voici la recette authentique que nous donne aujourd'hui Geneviève.

Advice , never venture into a conversation with poeple from Nice asking them the following question , you’d be surprised by the result: “But , in fact , what do you put into an authentic salade nicoise ” ? Responses fuse, the debate gets passionate, the volume rises, the conversation gets confused and you will never get a clear and precise answer .

You ‘ve been warned Basically, salade niçoise consists of a local row vegetables : So, no potatoes , no green beans, as suggested by some recipes, and for seasoning , olive oil , salt and pepper only, exit the dressing and even less mayonnaise ( Such a heresy , you will be called a ” Paillaso ” which means , buffoon , puppet !)

For a salade niçoise for 6 /8 people, you will need

– a dozen tomatoes, I suggest you to peel them, the result is incomparable

– a salad pepper , it is a small green pepper lying

– some scallions or white onion

– few sprigs of basil

– some small black olives of Nice, not pitted

– 3 boiled eggs

– a few anchovy fillets

– a small can of tuna in brine

– extra virgin olive oil , salt and pepper

– a clove of garlic

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